Sanctuary Ultrasonic Diffuser


The Sanctuary ultrasonic diffuser works by breaking down the 100% essential oil into micro molecules and then projecting them into the air to fill a room or work space contributing to overall health and wellness.

Electronic frequencies create vibrations that vaporize the oil floating on the surface and disperse it into the air without using any source of heat, ensuring the purity and health benefits of the oil remain intact.


Dimensions: 169 x 122 mm
Water capacity: 300ml
Power : 12 W
Voltage : DC24V
Run time: 9 hours continuous with high mist volume, 22 hours intermittent
Auto shut off safety feature
Low energy consumption
1 Year warranty

How it works

Open the device, add water according to tank size (see packaging) add a few drops of 100% essential oil into the tank. Close the device, plug it in and press the power button on

Care Instructions

Avoid using corrosive oils such as Citronella as this may cause damage to the unit if left in the reservoir. Do not leave stagnant water in the device and always keep the diffuser clean and dry when not in use. Pour the water out of the tank avoiding the air vent. Simply wipe out the tank with a soft dry cloth or paper towel. Take an ear bud dipped in surgical spirit/alcohol and gently wipe the ceramic plate in the centre.

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